Working to erase the stigma of mental illness and help prevent Suicide

We are The Joseph J. Laurencelle Memorial Foundation (JJLMF)

Through this website, we provide much needed funding for the programs and new initiatives that will help nourish those in need across communities in Michigan and across the country.  Our mission is to deliver financial support and direction for these programs and to ensure the fight to erase the stigma of teen & young adult mental illness.

Think About This – Say It Out Loud!

“My daughter, son, sibling, neighbor, BFF or me,

  • Have had thoughts of suicide or expressed a desire to kill themselves,
  • Seem to have lost interest in things that they used to enjoy,
  • Have low energy and sleep too much or too little,
  • Find that they spend more and more time alone and avoid social activities with friends or family,
  • Diet or exercise excessively, or fear gaining weight,
  • Have seen these people engage in self-harm behaviors, such as cutting or burning their skin, smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs,
  • Engage in risky or destructive behavior alone or with other friends.”

Get Help Now

This is a compassionate mental illness, suicide prevention platform and if you need help right now, please call the Suicide/Mental Illness Hotline @ #988.

For more mental illness information and personal assistance, please call Common Ground @ 1-800-231-1127