Catholic Social Services of SE MI
Funding for behavioral health services
$ 10,000
Kevin’s Song
Funding to an organization which is empowering communities to prevent
suicide and offering hope –healing to survivors
$ 10,00
Wolverine Human Services
Residential treatment center dedicated to heppius adults who suffer from severe mental illness
$ 5,000
Amercian Federation of Suicide Prevention (AFSP)
Preventing suicide through a culture that builds programs dedicated
to understanding and prevent suicide. Also, support the “out of darkness” work in Ferndale, MI
$ 10,000
Give An Hour
Preventing suicide of military veterans
$ 10,000
The Heinz Prechter Bi-Polar Research Program
Funding dollars towards bi-polar research
$ 10,000
Provides funding for Brain research and provides education programs to
those suffering from Brain Disorder
$ 7,500
Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (SAVE)
Provides funds to increase awareness of suicide and develop prevention programs
$ 10,000
Shrine High School Counseling Department
Supply counselors office updated print and presentation materials
$ 3,500


The Heinz Prechter Bi-Polar Research Program$ 3,500
The Wind Foundation$ 1,000
Rose Hill$ 5,000
MIRA (Mental Illness Research Association)$ 5,000
Catholic Social Services$ 6,300


Rose Hill$ 1,000
Cullen Haffey Scholarship$ 2,500


The Wind Foundation$ 6,000
Brother Rich High School$ 2,500
Lighthouse of Oakland County$ 1,500
Wolverine Human Services$ 350


Mez Orchestra
Funding the world’s first classical musical orchestra created by individuals
with mental illness “no audtions, no fees, no stigma”
$ 2,500
The Heinz Prechter Bi-Polar Research Program$ 2,500
Lighthouse of Oakland County$ 1,480
Wolverine  Human Services
Non profit committed to service children – youth of MI through continious care
$ 2,500
The Wind Foundation$ 1,000