Working to erase the stigma of mental illness and help prevent Suicide

No Ordinary Joe

No Ordinary Joe premiered Jan 14, 2004, on WTVS-Detroit Public Television. Produced by Emmy Award producer, Gary May, it aired nationally for many years after its debut. This Award Winning PBS special about Teen Depression and Suicide was inspired by the life of Joe Laurencelle and discusses the ongoing battle to understand and have compassion for those who suffer from mental illness. By the end of 2006, NOJ reached over seven million people on 64 television stations across the US and Canada.

You’re Not Alone

You’re Not Alone is a series of educational videos designed for use in schools throughout the U.S & Canada. Filmed on June 25, 2005. Detroit television host, Lila Lazarus narrated these theatrical performances by local teens at Warren Michigan’s Community Center Theater. This outstanding educational series was designed to facilitate discussions with parents and teach High School students about mental health related issues and depression.

Ride The Tiger

Ride The Tiger is a one-hour television documentary aired on PBS in 2016.  Sponsored in part with funds from JJLMF, it tells the story of highly accomplished individuals who have been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and how they are dealing with the illness. The special shares brave and compelling stories of people with mood disorders and provides a new narrative from scientists and scholars on their latest discoveries. It explores questions & connections that are spurring different disciplines of mental health research.